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Half Saree Love Ft. Vyas Vasthra

Hailing in Bangalore, for like 2 years now, I have started loving the place. Right from its culture, food, places and mostly traditional attires.
Since childhood, I've been fawning upon traditional outfits like sarees, lehenga, salwar kameez and what not! I shared a special love for saree but like you know, saree is not that easy to wear. 
Trying to find easy alternatives, I stumbled upon the very beautiful traditional attires from South India called Half Saree. Langaa Daavani in Karnataka, Langa Voni in Telugu, Pattu Paavadai in Tamil; this has been a trademark of how most girls in South India dress up.
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Upping Saree quotient with Unnati Silks

Looking back at the memory lane, most women I've seen and met have always donned and adored the 6 yards (sometimes 9) of elegance. Growing up in Indian household, I used to see how my mum used to wear a saree so fast and so perfect in a single go. I remember sneaking into my room with any of mum's saree, standing in front of mirror and trying to wear it and then fail miserably. 
Reminiscing those memories, I got to collaborate with Unnati Silks and here are the pictures of how childhood's random 'Saree wrapping' turned into modern day millennial 'Saree draping'.

MCAFFEINE - One stop Skin Care solution

Too much stress and it shows on skin! Not anymore!! Lately I was on a quest of finding out a solution to my increasing skin care issues. I tried a varieties of facial products starting from face wash, day creams, night creams and what not. My skin was totally dull, tired and looked life less. Recently I tried my hands on few products from MCaffeine (@MCaffeineofficial) which included a face wash, silver gel and a face cream.

Jashn e Fitness by Deepak Shinde

You don't need reasons to be Happy! ~ Deepak Shinde "FITNESS"
Did this word start a slideshow of gym, restricted diet and a tyrant trainer?
I assume the answer to be 'Yes!', like it was in my case and for many others as well.

That gift to Self!

What is the greatest gift one can give to self? An expensive watch or a posh villa. Or might be a luxury car or overtly adventurous holiday! Yeah yeah.. The list looks really long and materialistic! Ever tried gifting yourself something non-materialistic?

Self Love..

Hey Guys!!! The content below has been solely written by a dear friend of mine, Anand Singh.  Enjoy Reading!!

Hello everyone! So, this is my first post for the wonderful Subhashree Malla’s blog, “Trell And Apparel.” 


Oh my god! I've got so many problems to address. Such troublesome my life is!' 'Look at the pictures! Their life is so much happening! There's nothing like that in my life. So boring it is!' 'Nobody knows me. I feel disappointed when people of my age are touching heights and I'm here, sitting and doing a typical desk job!' Somewhere sometime, these thoughts never fail to ponder on our minds.