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The Shades....The Aspects

People, Can have infinite sides to their personality. I wouldn't say, like in a two-faced way. They aren't deceitful or manipulative or anything like that. It's just, we have certain parts of ourselves that we don't show to everyone. 

Those hidden parts that we've been keeping to ourselves. Inoculated and Shielded. We might not even show them to those who love us the most.
And at times, we look around. For someone. For something. To vent out. Empty all our thoughts, all our feelings that we have inside. The Sentiments. The Apprehensions. The Inhibitions The Anxiety. The Curiosity. Because somehow we feel more comfortable pouring and vocalizing out our thoughts somewhere like Tumblr or Blogspot where nobody knows us. 
There is some twisted logic in this as well. You don't want to scare the people who love you. You don't to scare them out of your life. And so you hide parts of yourself from them.
And that is kind of Sad.
The point here is, we share different aspects of self with different people. And I believe it is not a bad thing that you will show one person your dry sense of humor and then turn into a sobbing mess in front of the other. That is totally okay. That is natural. Different people bring out varying shades of your personality and it is very rare that you will find someone who'll see all sides of you, all aspects of you and still not be afraid at all.

And meanwhile if you do find someone like that - and you will, one day, do not let them go.


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