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One day, it began to dawn on me that somewhere in the middle, between not moving and moving too fast, there's a whole world of magical possibilities. 

I started to get glimpses into this world. Whereas my options before were limited to the world I saw myself to be trapped in, suddenly it occurred to me that maybe there was another place to look for the joys that had eluded me all those years.
Paradoxically, the place where I was to find the joys that had been missing in my life was the very place I’d been running from all my life. 
When I reconnected to the parts of me that I had lost, it felt like a coming-home. 
I learned that self-love is when we come home to ourselves. That relationship which I had sought to destroy turned out to be the very thing that would bring me back to life in the end.
What I realize now is that we can get so overwhelmed by our imperfections that we don’t see any good in ourselves.
Move slowly and you can taste the rich array of sensations. Move too fast and you’ll miss the gifts contained in the moment. When you get vulnerable, feel emotions, and stay true to what you are feeling, you liberate yourself from pain.
As you allow the sensations to be in your body, while gently breathing through it, you invite the natural force of change to renew you with its constant movement.
If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, try adjusting the pace with which you live your life and see if you can find that door to magical possibilities.


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