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Self Love..

Hey Guys!!! The content below has been solely written by a dear friend of mine, Anand Singh.  Enjoy Reading!!

Hello everyone! So, this is my first post for the wonderful Subhashree Malla’s blog, “Trell And Apparel.” 


Oh my god! I've got so many problems to address. Such troublesome my life is!' 'Look at the pictures! Their life is so much happening! There's nothing like that in my life. So boring it is!' 'Nobody knows me. I feel disappointed when people of my age are touching heights and I'm here, sitting and doing a typical desk job!' Somewhere sometime, these thoughts never fail to ponder on our minds.

You Deserve The Best!

Settling down being a second option, be it anywhere! Career, Life or Priority.

2018... Not just another Year

It's almost a quarter since 2018 begun. And the thing I am look forward the most is that the form of change that we are coming into is no longer that of chaos energy.

Conversation 💝

**Phone beeps** 'Hey!' 'Hey hi!' 'What plans?'