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2018... Not just another Year

It's almost a quarter since 2018 begun. And the thing I am look forward the most is that the form of change that we are coming into is no longer that of chaos energy.

Instead, it is a kind of change that promises greater stability. It is a kind of change that promises rooting and grounding. The building of a foundation and a structure that is in alignment with our soul purpose and life mission inherently brings with it both structure and order to our lives. 
But we will not build this foundation and structure in our lives by following our rational minds. Instead our rational minds must be following the instruction of our intuition. Our inner wisdom, like a north star or an encoded blue print, will be the foreman of this building project. And we will be challenged to move slowly instead of frantically so as to build the most stable and long lasting structure possible and we must trust in the universal timing to do this. 
Having said all of this, 2018 is that it is the year of Building. The reason I cannot call this year the year of rebuilding is because we are not rebuilding anything. The things we are going to build in our lives this year, will be things that we are building for the very first time. To rebuild is for a caterpillar to dissolve and then to build a newer and more improved caterpillar. What we are going to be building this year metaphorically speaking is our individual (and naturally to follow, collective) butterfly. 
This year is infused with a very powerful and pure energy of conjuring. We will lay the foundation and begin building the life we want to live and more than that, the life we were always meant to live.  We are not meant to realize that life is an illusion so that we can escape from it by pulling our energy out of the physical dimension. To the opposite, we are meant to make what is non-physical (our divinity so to speak) tangible and material.  It will be in perfect alignment with our unique blueprint.
The life purpose and soul mission that we were encoded with before we came to this life.


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