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Oh my god! I've got so many problems to address. Such troublesome my life is!' 'Look at the pictures! Their life is so much happening! There's nothing like that in my life. So boring it is!' 'Nobody knows me. I feel disappointed when people of my age are touching heights and I'm here, sitting and doing a typical desk job!' Somewhere sometime, these thoughts never fail to ponder on our minds.
We complain about our problems, our inhibitions, our insecurities. We never let go of a chance to compare our lives with others.
As a result, we start playing roles of those stubborn, strict and reluctant critics and scrutinize every single aspect of our lives, analyzing where all We're not happy; even though we have ample scopes and privileges, all the happiness that we need to live a Happy and satisfying Life.
This picture manages to depict the same. The entire structure was so overpowering! After climbing a flight of stairs, we happened reached atop and sat down to absorb the breathtaking view and meanwhile this picture was clicked.
Scrolling through the gallery I came across this and then I really wanted to post this. Not because this picture is really good or something like that! But it made me realize, how small are we when compared to such gigantic structure!
Likewise, when compared with lives, we're so small and so are our problems when compared to rest of the world! Instead of admiring the beauty of world, we sit and mourn about what is not present! We forget to thank god for whatever he has given and sought after what's not there. 
Let's not do it anymore! Let's show some gratitude!
Let's practice gratitude!


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