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You Deserve The Best!

Settling down being a second option, be it anywhere!
Career, Life or Priority.

It's hard, waiting for something or someone to make you feel valued. It leaves you stranded, agonized and moreover drains you out of confidence.
No one certainly likes the feeling of being good enough and that somehow makes us a little fragile. A little brittle and vulnerable.
We strive to make people realize our worth, we try to grasp attention. And what not.
But we forget the fact that we are all individuals and we undoubtedly deserve the best. We should let go of vulnerability, insecurity and the feeling of being useless.
It'll take time. For us, to find the best. For the best, to find us. But eventually we shall be together. 
We will land up at what's best for us. 
What makes us happy.
What in the long run is good for us.
And all of these will take time.

So let's give time, some Time.


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