Tuesday, April 17, 2018

That gift to Self!

What is the greatest gift one can give to self? An expensive watch or a posh villa. Or might be a luxury car or overtly adventurous holiday!
Yeah yeah.. The list looks really long and materialistic! Ever tried gifting yourself something non-materialistic?

Try Self Discovery.
Not that it's a cake walk but you'd give yourself a pat on back when you realize how amazingly beautiful thing you've gifted yourself to!
Initially you'd drown yourself in insecurities, the thoughts of 'Should I be doing this?' or 'What happens if?' And trust me it's all natural! Our brains at times play their own tricks and games to keep us from scrutinizing all our acts which brings us to a point where our brain refrains us from doing something that is out f our comfort zone.
And that's when you mess up things, do mistakes, get hurt, get rejected and then learn from all of them. You learn your lessons of life. This is the time when you get to know yourself, your personal views on happiness, what matters for you and what not, and so on.
In the long run, you'd see this is the best gift a person can give to self. You carve your own way, moreover you become better person. A better individual.
And you'd feel proud on discovering the new YOU!