About Me

"Everyone DESERVES a phenomenal life. Everyone here DESERVES to live fully. Everyone has all that MAGIC !!"
Now that you've stumbled upon, let's GET TO KNOW each other.
Hey There! 
I am Subhashree Malla. I'm a 25 year old born and brought up in the beautiful coastal city, Odisha, India. Currently putting up in the IT Capital of India, Bengaluru. I started this blog to show and tell you about my innate craze for penmanship, share thoughts around, learn from others and polish this hobby of mine. Since then, social media platform has been my goto and getting in touch with so many great souls out there, excelling in what they do has been such an inspiration. To all my lovely readers and followers and the ones I look for inspiration!
**Sincere Gratitude**
Coming to Self,
  • I'm a Software engineer by profession with a soft corner for Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Motivation.
  • I'm a kind of person who prefers words over speech. A night owl who stays up scribbling down thoughts; be it quotes or short writings and sometimes, really long ones.
  • Quite extroverted and jolly hearted, I believe living in present but to prepared for future as well! It's all about getting clear. Once for all - about what you aspire and desire and then relentlessly seeking after it.
  • I believe, we're meant for Happiness, Great Things and Peace of Mind.
  • "Living life on own terms" has always been my thing and it I believe it is always okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and move ahead.
  • I hate people who're judgmental as I find there's certainly no point in judging someone else's life when you're not in their shoes.
  • Being disrespectful won't get you respect either and I don't mind flushing such pea-brains out of life.
  • I can be crazily impulsive at times when poked for no reason and wouldn't bother doing my part of unfiltered banter.
  • I'm a typical Bollywood fan and head over heels in love with Shahrukh Khan! He has my heart. (Note Please! If you offend him, you offend me! PEACE.)
  • Great humor, EDM, unapologetically real people, anything pretty and delicate and of course good fragrances catch my attention easily.
Lastly I promise you words, wrapped up with love.
I am thrilled you're here.